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CWS Partnership Strategy:


As a leading top-rated National Benefits Solutions company that deeply cares for and personally serves our clients, we have very diligently and over a long period of time given serious and thoughtful consideration of which vendors would be an ideal Partner for us.  We have developed a few but very specify list of key criteria:


  • Our Partner must truly care for and serve their clients' best interests, with a genuine concern and passion.


  • We only partner with vendors that are top-rated in their field, who have a reputation of providing the very best plans, programs, and services for their clients.


  • We desire to partner with top-rated vendors in every field within the Healthcare & Insurance Industries.


  • Our Partners’ clientele should be in the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000, where we can work together to coordinate, integrate, and develop our offerings and services, to ensure and maximize a smooth, seamless, efficient, and top-rated benefits program for our clients

  • Partners must be willing to provide their offerings at exceptional greatly discounted pricing.


Advantages Of A Partnership With CWS: 


Creative Worksite Solutions has a unique Vision” of what an ideal Partnership would entail, which far exceeds what is normally understood or even imaginedOur Partnerships are generally unique in numerous ways.  They do not just consist of a “Referral Fee” arrangement.  We and our Partners jointly work together with our Business Consulting firm in the creation of a Business Development Plan, to expand & maximize The Value & Profitability of the Partnership and our offerings.


What is so distinctive about our Partnerships, is that the joint Business Development Plan provides a “track to run on” to ensure success.  “Failure to plan is already a plan to fail.”  The Plan includes strategic, tactical, and promotional actions to be taken by both parties, sample client presentations that incorporate both of the Partner's offerings, ideas for the development of joint product and services offerings, and other strategic actions that the Partners will take to ensure the Partnership is profitable.  It also provides guidance on how to incorporate the offerings into a plan that can be promoted and sold by the entire vendor, carrier and brokerage communities.


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