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We are totally independent of all vendors & carriers, and do not limit our search to just a few vendors or carriers, but seek only the “Best-in-Breed” offerings from among all of the industry leaders for each product, program, or service.

We only partner with top-rated Benefits vendors in each field, whose benefit programs, services, processes, etc. provide superior outcomes and savings.  Through our partnerships, we are able to obtain exceptional greatly reduced pricing for our clients.


We do not provide “standard” or “off-the-shelf” insurance product designs.  All designs are truly creative, based on the client’s demographics, entire benefit program, plan designs, utilization, etc.  We design plans to coordinate with all other benefits to maximize and enhance the coverages, and eliminate duplication, offsets, and wasted premium.  Our goal is to design the plan to provide maximum coverage for services and benefits most commonly utilized and needed, at rates that are affordable to employees, and at the most inexpensive rates possible.  


We have served on the Field Advisory Boards (FAB) for many of the leading National carriers, helped them develop their product offerings, and have created our own special products available only through our company.  We have extensive relationships with and profound influence on the leading National carriers within the Insurance Industry.  Therefore, we are able to fully-customize plans and obtain lower cost premiums.


And….if our customized plan designs are not available through the carriers, we work with the carriers to create new and unique "Best-in-Breed" products.

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