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The respect, honors, and praises we receive -- from our clients, the most esteemed & top-rated vendors & carriers in the industry, the leading Industry Journals -- and even from our competitors -- are the best confirmation of our value and the unsurpassed products and services we provide to our clients.

Our Competitors:


CEO, National Healthcare & Insurance Consulting firm:


  • "One of the three best vendors I have ever known in my 48 years of working within the Benefits & Insurance Industries.  Absolutely caring, focused on their client and their employees, personally involved in all aspects of the program, and provide the best and most comprehensive customer & administration services and support I have ever seen.  They do it all, from start to finish, and they do it best!  I cannot say enough great things about them to do them justice."


Employee Benefits Practice Leader, National Insurance Consulting & Brokerage company:


  • "They have a great reputation, are highly respected, are very influential within the Insurance industry, and are highly regarded and praised by their clients.  They are one of the most trusted companies I know.  They absolutely put the employee first.  Even at 4:00 AM in the morning they will sit with an employee going over their coverages to ensure they receive the “Best-in-Breed.”  My favorite thing about them is their honesty.  Their Call Center, claims processing, consolidated billing, etc. simplify everything and makes the entire process as seamless as possible.  It is an absolute honor working with them."

Our Clients:


Director of Benefits, International Hospitality Company:


  • "They are the most caring, resourceful, trustworthy, professional, competent, creative, and innovative vendors I have ever worked with.  Everything is customized, they get the best rates, and they put the employer’s and employees’ pocketbooks first."


Senior Manager, Benefits, Fortune 150, Retail Company: 


  • "They are simply the best!  To earn our business, they blew away their competitors comprised of 25 of the largest and top-rated vendors in their field, including the top three rated Benefits Consulting companies in the United States, and are the highest rated vendor in the history of our company.  They take care of everything, have eliminated all of the employee “noise,” and taken over all administration of the programs.  Our employees regularly compliment them and sing their praises.  What a difference they have made.  They stand out far above all the rest.  ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!"


HR Lead, Major Municipality:


  • "We had been burned many times by other vendors.  They are very personable, give a lot of time and individual attention to employees, assist employees handling claims, answering questions, etc. and provide services previous vendors did not provide.  They are very trustworthy, pay careful attention to getting the files right and making everything run smoothly, which is great improvement over past vendors.  We are very satisfied with their performance."


Senior Employee Relations Representative, Major Electrical Company:


  • "I am very pleased with their performance.  They are a great resource, very hands on, not salesy, do not solicit.  They are very efficient in handling the needs and concerns of employees, very accommodating, and very trustworthy.  We in the Benefits Dept can stay very hands off, because they take care of everything.  They make everything easy.  We have never had any complaint during the 8-year+ period."


Our Carriers:


Managing Director, National Insurance Carrier:


  • "As a leading National carrier, we have been working with Creative Worksite Solutions for over 20 years.  I consider their Principals to be extremely knowledgeable, creative, innovative, honest, and dependable.  They have built the infrastructure to support the requirements of the modern HR department without compromising the ever-changing needs of employees, as they navigate the complex employee benefits landscape.  They deeply care for their clients and are personally involved in every client account.  They provide exceptional, unparalleled, and paramount high-touch personal services that provide a smooth and seamless process for their clients, and a unique concierge experience for their members.  CWS is focused on delivering a unique and meaningful experience to employees while simplifying the administration process for their HR customers.  We consider CWS to be a leading National Insurance consulting and brokerage firm with an impeccable reputation, and having a significant influence within the Insurance Industry."  


Executive Regional Manager, National Financial Carrier:


  • "They have a great reputation and are highly regarded among carriers and clients.  They are very influential.  They are extremely accurate and thorough.  They give full attention to each client, and are extremely responsive like no one else.  They roll up their sleeves and get right in there with the client, and absolute put the client first—very hands on.  I can’t say enough good things about them or their company."


AVP, Regional Manager, National Financial Carrier:


  • "The team at Creative Worksite Solutions (CWS) is a trusted partner and highly regarded within our organization and in the marketplace.  Clients choose CWS because of their focus on accuracy and being thorough in everything they do.  As a National carrier partner, they set high standards for us to meet in working with their clients.  This includes responsiveness and putting the client first in everything we do.  The key Principals at CWS have a drive for excellence and collaborate on behalf of their clients to achieve results year after year.  Combined with their hands-on approach and attention to detail we value the partnership with them greatly."   


Leading Benefit Industry Journals:


Transamerica Worksite Marketing:


  • Featured Creative Worksite Solutions because of their excellent performance and outstanding reputation in the Insurance Industry.


National Insurance Industry Journals (including Benefits Selling, Health Industry Underwriter (HIU), and Broker World):


  • Transamerica chose to feature Creative Worksite Solutions as their client spokesmen because of their excellent performance and outstanding reputation in the Insurance Industry.



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