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We serve our clients’ companies as though they were our own company.  We serve as an extension of the company’s benefits team to ensure the plans, programs, and services we developed for them have the full support they need to run smoothly, seamlessly, and efficiently, and are redesigned as needed to provide the benefits most commonly utilized and needed, at rates that are affordable to employees, and at the most inexpensive rates possible.  


Our service model is unique, because it encompasses an all-inclusive range of services to ensure a superior and successful program, including: brokerage, coordination & integration with other benefits, RFP, implementation, enrollment, administration, Advocacy Call Center, Concierge Claims Center, billing, interfacing with vendors’ systems, evaluation, strategic planning & analysis, etc. -- GENERALLY PROVIDED AT NO COST TO THE EMPLOYER.


We personally provide all services, in house, which is unique within our industry, so that we can ensure the proper and deserved care of our clients. 


We provide a single toll-free number for a one-stop shop for handling all questions, concerns, and claims.  We staff an Advocacy Call Center and Concierge Claims Processing Center for handling all questions, concerns, claims, etc.  Members never have to talk to the carriers, which can often be an extremely frustrating and disheartening experience.  We handle everything to ensure members are properly treated and get what they deserve.

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