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We Want To Be Your Benefits Partner


Creative Worksite Solutions is a top-rated National Benefits Solutions company.  We help companies obtain "Best-in-Breed" core, ancillary, supplemental, and voluntary benefit & insurance products, plans, programs, & services at the lowest possible costs.  

We can achieve this for you.

We provide TRULY UNIQUE strategic planning, knowledge, expertise, know-how, and brokerage services – GENERALLY AT NO COST TO THE EMPLOYER – and a full-range of “Best-in-Breed” vendor & carrier products, plans, programs, and services that we then fully custom design, implement, coordinate, and integrate into our clients' Employee Benefits Program, founded on cutting-edge Evidence-based Best Practices.  

Additionally, via our strategic partnerships with numerous major top-rated Healthcare vendors, our clients have access to their plans, programs, & services at exceptional greatly reduced pricing.

Serving on the Field Advisory Boards (FAB) for many of the leading National carriers, having helped them develop their product offerings, and having extensive relationships with and profound influence on the leading National carriers within the Insurance Industry, we are able to fully-customize plans and obtain lower cost premiums

We Want To Be Your Benefits Support Team 

We do not just design or place products and then….leave.  We serve our clients’ companies as though they were our own company.  We continue to provide strategic planning, etc., but we also serve as an extension of our client’s Benefits team to ensure the plans, programs, and services we developed or negotiated for them have the full services & support they need to run smoothly, seamlessly, and efficiently; and, to ensure they are kept relevant, affordable, and at the lowest rates possible


To further support a completely smooth, seamless, and efficient process for our clients, we have the capability of establishing interfaces with our clients' vendors' & carriers' systems to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of program eligibility, enrollment, and data; and, to eliminate or reduce costs, employee "noise," and administrative burdens.  


Consequently, we provide TRULY UNIQUE all-encompassing and high-touch administrative services to fully support your Benefits team GENERALLY AT NO COST TO THE EMPLOYER.  We save you the time, expense, burden, and worries involved in the administration of your benefit & insurance plans.  We provide a single toll-free number, one-stop shop -- a full-service Advocacy Call Center and Concierge Claims Processing Center for all questions, concerns, claims, etc., to fully support your Benefits team and your employees.  All services are provided in-house, so we can personally provide the appropriate highest quality advocacy and concierge services and care you deserve.    


Creative Worksite Solutions' "COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES" 

The Creative Worksite Solutions’ DIFFERENCE is: 

  • Our All-Embracing Care for and In-Depth Personal Involvement with Our Clients

  • Our Independence, Creativity, and Innovativeness

  • The Breadth & Depth of Our Experience and Expertise

  • The Comprehensive and Quality of the Customized Products We Offer

  • The Strength and Magnitude of Our Vendor & Carrier Relationships

  • Our Extensive and Profound Influence within the Benefits & Insurance Industries among the Major Top-Rated National Vendors & Carriers

  • The Comprehensiveness and All-Inclusiveness of the Services We Offer

  • The Exceptional & Greatly Discounted Pricing We Obtain

  • Our Proven Integrity, Commitment, and Service to Our Clients that has Earned Us Their Respect, Trust, and Praises

  • We have One of the Highest Client Retention Rates in the Entire Healthcare & Insurance Industries.  

  • All of Our Services are Generally Provided at No Cost to Our Clients


We respect and appreciate our clients, and our Principals demonstrate it each and every day by being:  personally involved, very hands on throughout the life of every account, and actually serving as the Lead Account Executives for every client account.


The respect, honors, and praises we receive – the Testimonials from our clients, the most esteemed & top-rated vendors & carriers in the industry, the leading Industry Journals, and even from our competitors -- are the best confirmation of our value and the excellent and unsurpassed products and services we provide to our clients.

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